Free Book… Sort of.

If you’re like me, you impulse buy just about every moderately intriguing ebook that happens to be free. You can get these books in as many places as they happen to be advertised or housed. If you’re like me, you buy them, thinking that one day you might want to pick up and read. But, we all know that rarely, if ever, happens.

That’s sad.

Because the book isn’t free. It cost the author countless hours of time pouring over the work, making sure it would be the best it could possibly be. I know I’m not stating anything revelatory here. But, we’ve got to keep in mind the author has put this book out there as a temporary or permanently free copy in the hopes of getting something back.

That’s right.

The book, while it may appear to be free, requires action on your part. First, of course, read it. Then, leave an honest review. If the work didn’t speak to you, say as much. You might even add a reason why, or even recommend the work to a more suitable audience.

Authors like reviews. Authors like criticism.

So, be honest, but don’t be mean.

Think about one way you think the book could have been improved. You don’t have to be long winded. You are reader who honestly wanted to enjoy the book, but for some reason couldn’t enjoy it as much as you wanted to. Maybe something feels off about the sentence structure. Maybe characters or plot seem underdeveloped. Whatever the reason, give the author some kind of criticism.

Authors want to hear from their readers.

Speaking for myself, when I finalize a work and push out for publication, I can confidently say it could, at that time, be no better than it is. But, going forward, I want to make the next work even better. In writing the next book, it helps to know from my readers how I can make the reading experience even better than the last.

So, I close on this note. As a way of saying thank you for taking the time to read this blog, my first book, Camp Lenape(A Kahale and Claude Mystery, Book 2), is currently free on Smashwords.

Consider grabbing a copy before May 31, 2020:

When finished, let me know what you thought by posting a review on your blog, your favorite book site, or your favorite social media platform

Use #CampLenapeBook or tag me @timothyrbaldwin on Twitter or Instagram and I’ll send you Shadows of Doubt (A Kahale and Claude Mystery, Book 2).

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