Mayhem by Ashley Fontainne (Book Review)

Ashley Fontainne once again thrills and inspires her audience in another installment of the Legion Series. Mayhem completes the character arcs of Tyler Drexell (now Tidwell) and his former girlfriend, Miranda Wilson, and her mother, Margaret Wilson. Fifteen years ago, Tyler lost his family to a demonically influenced tragedy that would have both temporal and eternal consequences for himself, his adopted family, and Margaret and Miranda Wilson. Mayhem begins with another life-changing event for Tyler Tidwell. This event pours fuel on the fire of pent-up anger stemming from the loss of his family as a child—thus opening himself to the demonic forces hell-bent on using any means necessary to eternally ruin or cripple God’s call on Tyler’s life.

Mayhem is an inspiring novel that brought me face-to-face with the reality of demonic influence in our everyday lives. While most of us won’t ever experience a physical manifestation of evil in our lives, all of us will make choices that open us up to an occasion of sin that, if left unchecked, could lead to much more terrifying consequences. In this story, Fontainne uses the memory of the Drexell house as a representation of sin and the demonic hold on Tyler’s life. It is this past that Tyler must battle with after a reminder to be on guard because the Devil is a roaring lion seeking the ruin and destruction of souls. In addition to the spiritual elements present within this story, Mayhem blends aspects of contemporary family drama and the thriller genre to bring the reader a truly remarkable and engaging tale about the lasting and potentially devastating consequences the choices we make in response to tragedy can have.

Reviewed by Timothy R Baldwin for Readers’ Favorite

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