Madness, by Ashley Fontainne (Book Review)

Reviewed by Timothy R. Baldwin for Readers’ Favorite

Madness (Legion Novella Book 2) by Ashley Fontainne is another compelling story, tracking the psychological and spiritual conditions of a soul ripe for demonic harvest. This story picks up ten years after book one. It follows the story of eighteen-year-old Tyler Tidwell, who is the sole survivor of the murdered Drexel family and is now the adopted son of retired Sherriff Clyde Tidwell. The demon from which Sherriff Tidwell rescued Tyler made a promise to return when the time is right. And that time is now. Somehow, it’ll be up to Clyde Tidwell to once again fight on behalf of his adopted son, who doesn’t even know what kind of hell he will be facing. 

Ashley Fontainne is a master of creating the prose needed to capture the depths of Tyler’s psychological and emotional torture, and the effect this has on him spiritually. As a result, the pacing of Madness is necessarily slower than the book’s predecessor, Many. Because of this, Fontainne’s prose, especially in her dialogue and description, does what action alone couldn’t do, which is to draw the reader into the familial bond that ties Clyde and Tyler together. 

While the Christian and the Secular could still enjoy Madness, alike, this story reads as though intended for a very defined audience of church-goers. Additionally, I thought the balance between exposition, climax, and denouement was a little off. As a result, the heart of the conflict of this story, the battle over Tyler’s soul, may have been underdeveloped, especially at the point of climax. Nonetheless, I enjoy the story and look forward to more in this series. 

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